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Must Visit these:  Beautiful Shops
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my" Big Girl"

my" Big Girl"
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I Love Comments

I Love Comments

Tooth Fairy Bag! - gifts for grandkids

Tooth Fairy Bag! - gifts for grandkids
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Black Vintage
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Dreams - amber rose # 20

Dreams - amber rose # 20
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Tattered Through Eyes-

Tattered Through Eyes-
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A Moment - Then time

A Moment - Then time
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Visit: Month of June

passed memories

To day I am remembering days of old.  Family and kids etc.  All of the wonderdful days.  Today My friend, companion my Paige who never left my side .Was alway there underfoot but all ways by my side to keep ,the phone man etc.or any one that might come in our home.  She was our proctecter She was not a pretty girl. Med size. Quite round. She loved her food and was alway first in line for her treat,  She sleeped with me, we shared  our special looks. I did talk to her all day. She did know what I was saying.What any one may think.
 No more.  She is gone after 15 years.Yesterday. My Best friend. Paige. It is my loss....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Is Here -accents with clutter

I am bring out the clutter to add a little change. My jewelrydisplayed in living room corner first!
Always with spring florals. Still a mess with books around.  Lots of good smells with my candles.
Come join me   I will be adding more .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Invitation: To Tattered in The Mist

New look with my altered art All ART forms for interest in time... Inviting new Gypsy Friends in spirit.  I have my digital art now and hope to share your Blogs listings of same shared feelings.
Old dusty tattered finds to other artisans with heartfelt designs. All rare and different and Romantic to Rusty.
Please visit and be sure to sign in.  I am a new blog but Beauty in Art is" Always Welcome."
Thank you, Amber Rose

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome. All is New, All is Open

.Not your norm Blog. For the artisan in mind.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For the" Gypsy At Heart"

"Gypsy At Heart".  Altered handmade goods will be sold on my new web site.
  Finishing touches are being added, but it is ready to see. Today. Please take a peek!
 All with a Gypsy Flair.   A place for same kind kindred spirits to visit and
find rare items to buy.
I will start stocking for Fall buying. Different for me. I will really have something to buy!
This Blog is changing  Designed for viewing my altered designs. And just enjoy. Peace 
Look at me Now!

In memorie. MyPaige